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Dr. Nieves la mano ayuda de Draco Rosa y
Dr. Nieves la mano ayuda de Draco Rosa y
Draco vuelve a padecer de cáncer - Prime

Some battles last longer than expected, and Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Draco Rosa's battle against cancer has not yet come to an end.


Yesterday, after an interview with this newspaper in which the artist revealed that he would have to undergo a new bone marrow transplant, producer Angelo Medina confirmed that the disease returned to Draco's life.


The artistic representative announced in writing that two months ago Draco learned the news while he was on tour in Latin America. The composer informed Medina about his illness on the night of the Latin Grammys, however, he asked for silence so as not to tarnish his presentations at the Vida concert at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, where he shared with his family, artist friends and followers. And he succeeded because on both nights the artist wasted energy on stage, where he also had fun as he wanted.


“I have to say that Draco's bravery, will and courage are off the charts.  He also kept me quiet, even being like a son, he wanted his encounter with people to be natural and that he not be evaluated as a person who had a disease.  He told me the night of the Latin Grammys and I was an accomplice in his silence, for his love of art and for wanting to give these concerts in Puerto Rico  thinking only that it was Draco and his music”, Medina expressed in writing in reference to the celebration of the artist with guests of the two functions: Ricky Martin, Juan Luis Guerra, Tommy Torres , Natalia Lafourcade, Mima, Danny Rivera, Enrique Bunbury, Willy Rodríguez and René Pérez.


“You have to respect this decision that, due to its purity and commitment to the public, remained silent so as not to distract anything. Draco faces a new challenge and with much regret we have a hard time saying that he has had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Diffuse B Cell for two months. Doctors have predicted that this type of cancer will have a great chance of defeating it and being overcome once again.  Draco has taken time for advanced treatments and will continue with his commitments in Mexico and the United States, and the recording of a new project”, added the producer and friend of the artist.


Yesterday morning, Draco offered interviews for the Scotiabank institution's Run for Another campaign to benefit cancer patients. In the exchange, the cantuator said that eventually he will have to undergo a new bone marrow transplant, however he is confident that he will participate in the race.


El artista announced that this time they will perform an allogeneic bone marrow transplant. At the time, Draco didn't say categorically that he has cancer again, but he didn't have to because he admitted that his body needs this operation and that he needs to continue his tests and medications to improve his health.


"I feel very  in good health, but the reality is that I have to have another transplant, which is different from the previous one (autologous transplant)", confessed who in recent weeks has been taking care of his doctors Laurance Piro and Benny Nieves and nutritionist Maria Nena Niessen.


"Now I hope to have better results and I know that I am going to move forward," he added about the surgical intervention that could be carried out in early 2014.


Draco was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in the lower abdomen, as he announced in April 2011, at which time he also announced that he would undergo non-traditional treatment at Dr. Burzynski's clinic in Houston, Texas. The singer combined this treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy and also underwent his first bone marrow transplant.


Focused on your projects


The Anglo-Saxon Grammy nominee has three projects on the table: Mr. Blake's electronic project, an album that will continue with Vida and a job with covers of classical pieces. Regarding the unpublished compositions that he shared at the concerts last weekend, the artist revealed that he will distribute them independently.


“I have Mr. Blake's electronic project, which is fantastic. There is the project that follows Vida, which is still a mystery and I don't know what the address is. I have another beautiful project of some covers. I am working hard to finish them”, listed who will spend Christmas in Los Angeles.


The musician acknowledged that the record companies do not know how to work the Spanish rock genre, so the rock and roll scoop on Friday and Saturday will reach fans individually. “The reality is that we are talking about rock and roll and in itself there is no Latin record company that knows how to work rock in Spanish. I'm thinking of selling them independently," he said.


The book The Secret of Life will be added to the line of creative projects, still without a publication date because they are looking for a publishing house.  In collaboration with nutritionist Nena Niessen, Draco will share recommendations for good health.

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