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Vietrulife Medical Spa is proud to offer a variety of highly individualized weight loss programs tailored to your specific medical, financial, and scheduling requirements.

Our team of medical experts use their combination of internal and integrative medical training to provide a unique hybrid treatment plans that uses a combination of both natural supplements as well as injections or other appropriate therapies.

Our goal is to help you implement lifestyle changes that not only lose weight, but also keep it off for life.

Our Program 

Cellular Optimization

We can help your cells become more efficient at burning fat by providing them with the nutrients they need. We offer short chain amino acid therapy, which involves delivering specialized short chain amino acids that increase your metabolism and fat-burning capabilities. Cellular optimization improves the results of your weight loss efforts.

Nutrition Support

Eating a healthy diet is vital for weight loss. We can help you make healthy food choices and develop a nutritious meal plan. Our weight loss experts also help you develop a healthier relationship with food, so you can continue eating the food you enjoy in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Hormone Optimization

For some people, hormone imbalances, such as low testosterone, can contribute to weight gain. We optimize your hormone levels with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), which involves inserting plant-derived hormone pellets underneath your skin. The hormone pellets release a steady stream of the chosen hormones to regulate your hormone levels, reduce appetite, and help you keep off weight.

Prescription Medications

We may prescribe certain medications to help with weight loss, such as appetite suppressants or fat blockers. Appetite suppressants can kill or reduce your hunger pangs, thus allowing you to stick to your diet with greater ease. Meanwhile, fat blockers prevent your body from absorbing fat from the food you consume, which minimizes weight gain.


In some cases, supplementation may be needed to help with weight loss. We may recommend supplements such as vitamins, minerals, or amino acids. Dietary supplements can give your body the boost needed to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

Our 12-week Weight Loss Program

Doctor Supported and

Guided Weight Loss Program

A weight loss journey can be challenging and having the right program and support, can make the difference as to whether you reach your goals or not.

Vietrulife Medical Spa provide an extensive Doctor assisted program. It covers all the areas of your lifestyle that need to be considered for an effective program to succeed.

Losing weight is not easy, as there are complex genetic, hormonal, social and personal eating habits at play. However, we believe by working closely with you, we can find a weight loss solution together.


How to be successful at weight loss? Achieve your weight loss goals with success! Learn effective strategies, explore prescription weight loss medications, and discover holistic solutions. Vietrulife Weight Management Program is here to guide you on your journey.


  1. A detailed history and examination by our doctors. Your personal circumstances will be taken into account, so we can devise the best weight loss program, especially tailored for your needs.

  2. A set of detailed objective biometric measurements including the use of an advanced body composition scale as previously mentioned, to track your weight loss progress on a regular basis.

  3. An App is used to track your daily calories and exercise.

  4. We recommend the use of Calorie-labelled meals at the start of the program, that will help in regulating your energy intake.

  5. The use of medication may be recommended to help regulate your appetite.

  6. The use of specific dieting regime that is suitable for you, may be proposed.

  7. A team of doctors and allied health that may include a dietitian, exercise physiologist, and a psychologist, who are happy to help support your weight loss journey. At times, we may refer you to weight loss specialists for further help.  Your medical conditions may qualify for our GP Chronic Disease Management Plan or Mental Health care Plan that attract Medicare funding

  8. Funding by some private health funds may be available, if you advised them your weight loss program is part of a “Doctor prescribed weight loss program”.

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