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Natural Beauty


A doctor should treat the illnesses and diagnose before considering an alternative protocol. Obesity or overweight should also be evaluated by a physician, as they are conditions with multiple causes. We do not allow the initiation of any treatment without a correct diagnosis by a qualified medical professional, who will then recommend the appropriate treatment to achieve the best results.


It is essential to exercise as much as possible. Physical activity helps to prevent problems caused by prolonged inactivity, such as joint stiffness, muscle weakness, respiratory issues, constipation, skin sores, loss of appetite, and changes in mental state. It also aids in reducing stress and alleviating fatigue. We provide guidance on exercises that you can safely perform, setting goals to gradually increase activity levels."


From the beginning to the end of the treatment, our specialized doctors and nutritionists oversee the patient's progress through weight checks, measurements, and the dietary plan as prescribed, always with the goal of achieving the desired weight and figure.


Include foods from all food groups according to each individual's needs during the protocol, in a balanced and personalized manner. Through this approach, we incorporate all the nutrients that our body requires. Additionally, the restriction of certain foods is also considered as part of the process.


The application of electronic devices is prescribed, controlled, and supervised by our medical team. Our clinic employs Medical Aesthetic treatments with specialized and high-tech equipment


Upon completion of the treatment, our specialized professionals monitor the clients with free follow-up assessments. The goal of this final stage is to reinforce the desired changes, nutritional habits, and achieved physical activity levels.

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