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"We are Vietrulife - a leading Medical Spa in the heart of Downtown Kissimmee, FL.  Our mission is to provide therapeutic and personalized protocols for comprehensive healthcare, addressing physical, biological, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Step into your own peaceful sanctuary at our facilities, where you'll experience relaxation, revitalization, motivation, and a refreshed state of mind. Book a consultation today and let our professionals tailor a program that suits you perfectly.

At Vietrulife, our professional and experienced team specializes in Bio-Genetics and Aesthetic Medicine. We offer a diverse range of services to enhance your overall well-being, providing you with a unique and confidence-boosting experience. Beyond being a Comprehensive Wellness, Beauty, and Health Center, Vietrulife Medical Spa takes pride in our team's expertise, all united by a shared commitment to preventive health and beauty restoration from the inside out."


Discover the 96 biomarkers that will enable us to propose personalized adjustments based on the real needs of your body at a cellular level. Ask for our report, which will reflect the most relevant indicators for you to focus your efforts on. And achieve your best self!

We understand the importance of your health, and that's why our multidisciplinary team, led by a group of doctors, offers a comprehensive health service focused on one common goal: integrating the health, beauty, and quality of life of our participants. In our clinic, we approach each issue from various angles, providing personalized treatments that consider each person's medical needs, work-related concerns, lifestyle, and emotional aspects.

You will find a dedicated team that implements key protocols for accurate diagnosis and comprehensive medical and aesthetic solutions in our center for body aesthetic medicine. We provide excellence to our patients through the latest, safe, and effective treatments available on the market, using high-quality products and state-of-the-art minimally invasive techniques and cutting-edge equipment for outstanding, natural, and safe results.

Our medical aesthetic clinic meets all technical and legal requirements mandated by current legislation to carry out our professional medical activities, and we boast modern and inviting facilities.

The Spirit of Our Team

Experience and professionalism, while respecting natural beauty and health, in personalized treatment with details that make you feel special.

Our philosophy is to harmoniously combine the health, beauty, and well-being of our patients.

Implementing an appropriate protocol and understanding the needs of each patient is key to ensuring success.


We always strive to achieve maximum naturalness and safety in health with minimally invasive techniques to enhance each individual's appearance and to delay the effects of aging. Additionally, when signs of aging have already appeared, we aim to restore the body's healthy appearance that may have been affected over time due to illness.

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